Consolidating two balance sheets

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The aggregated balance sheet thus includes assets and liabilities vis-a-vis other MFIs.For example, it includes deposits exchanged on the interbank markets or the liquidity periodically supplied to the banking system by the Eurosystem.This support note article will guide you in running consolidated reports on multiple organisations.Most report template groups support consolidated organisation reporting however there are some exceptions.The equity at risk should be sufficient for the VIE to finance its activities without additional support.A VIE’S PRIMARY BENEFICIARY TYPICALLY IS ABLE to make decisions about the entity and share in profits and losses.

Accounting Addons have created a powerful architecture underlying Budget Link to allow multiple data files to be consolidated and reported as one.The consolidation rate may be used to consolidate organisations with different currencies or to represent partial ownership of an organisation.See the help note called Use Consolidations for Multi-Currency or Partial Ownership Consolidations for more details.The diagram below outlines the process leading from national submissions to the consolidated balance sheet of the euro area MFIs and to the euro area monetary aggregates.The balance sheets of the national 'other MFIs" sectors of the euro area countries are combined to form the aggregated balance sheet of the euro area 'other MFIs" sector.

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Finally, monetary aggregates are derived by adding to the monetary liabilities recorded on the consolidated balance sheet certain short-term deposit liabilities of the central government (Post Office accounts, national savings accounts and Treasury accounts), which have similar characteristics to short-term bank deposits.

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