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Dating expectations in the 1980 s

“The bottom line is that if we expect certain behaviors from people, we treat them differently — and that treatment is likely to affect their behavior,” says the psychologist, now 82 years old and still collaborating with researchers on nonverbal communication projects at the University of California, Riverside.He called his discovery the Pygmalion Effect, after the mythological Greek sculptor whose love for the ivory statue of a woman he created inspired the gods to bring her to life.These advances in modern technology have changed the way teenagers approach dating relationships, and have left many parents (me included!) longing for the good old days when dating seemed much simpler. Times have changed, and as parents we have to adapt our approach to meet the demands of the 21st century.Psychologists in New Jersey compared attitudes towards gender stereotypes from around 200 college students 19, and found that they have not changed much over that time.This included the idea that woman should clean and cook (stock image pictured)In sports, there was a rapid acceleration of women participating in athletics at both the high school and the college levels after 1972 when a law came into force in the US prohibiting discrimination in sports based on sex.The dating world has changed a lot since you were a teenager because of today’s technology, and has left many parents longing for the good ole days when you asked someone out in person or on the phone.

Fast forward to today and our kids have a range of opportunities for socializing that we would have never dreamed possible 30 years ago.

Girls made up only 7 per cent of high school athletes in 1971–1972 while that number is now more than 40 per cent.

College participation rates increased sixfold in the same time period.

57 per cent of women graduated with a bachelor's degree in 2012 versus 40 per cent in the early 80s, according to the study, which is out today in Psychology of Women Quarterly journal.'Previous research has shown that many gender differences are small or inconsistent yet the current study finds that people exaggerate the extent to which men and women are different from one another,' the authors said.

The strongest gender stereotypes for women were that theory are more emotional, aware of others’ feelings, kind and warm than men, and more likely to look after the house, and cry.

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I am a child of the 1980s and a woman of the 2000s.

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