Elucidating the structure

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Elucidating the structure

The flows of ions are converted into a rotational force by the interaction between the stator and the rotor.

The three-dimensional structure of the Mot A complex has been determined from a large number of electron microscope images in this report.

scales to armor body, horns to combat aggressors, hagfish slime as defense against predators, nails and claws to increase prehension, hair and fur to protect against the environment.Franklin worked for CURA until 1947 and published a number of papers on the physical structure of coal. An old friend introduced her to Marcel Mathieu who directed most of the research in France.He was impressed with Franklin's work and offered her a job as a "chercheur" in the Laboratoire Central des Services Chimiques de l'Etat.Her father actively discouraged her interest since it was very difficult for women to have such a career. Franklin entered Cambridge University in 1938 to study chemistry. CURA was a young organization and there was less formality on the way research had to be done.When she graduated, Franklin was awarded a research scholarship to do graduate work. Franklin worked fairly independently, a situation that suited her.

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The elucidation of species diversity and connectivity is essential for conserving coral reef communities and for understanding the characteristics of coral populations.