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When you run online meetings with people who are located in different parts of the world, it's crucial that you help your team make a human connection.

"Icebreakers" are just the ticket: short team-building exercises conducted at the beginning of a meeting.

What is non-threatening to some group members could terrify others. The first few are easiest and most helpful for a beginning group.

For example, the question, “Who would you like to go on vacation with for one week and why? However, the question, “If you could go on vacation anywhere, where would you go? Many of the later ideas are useful for building relationships in groups that have been together for awhile. Go around again on the second item, and again until you have gone through each one.

Knowing your team, and knowing your plan to build team culture, is crucial to succeeding with any such exercise.

Some veteran groups do this several times a year... Go around the room and have each person share something that makes them different from anyone in the group, like, “I’ve never left the state I was born in” or “I am one of 10 kids.” Have each person make three statements about themselves: two true statements and one lie. Take 5 minutes and find the following items in your wallet or purse: Something that . This is great for a group that doesn’t know each other well.You can use these questions to help participants get to know each other.Your participants will appreciate starting out their meeting with quiet laughter and the chance to share something about themselves in a comfortable, supportive environment." -- is fun in the context of dating, but may be inappropriate for a professional meeting.Related: 4 ways to run status meetings with your remote team that actually work And now, some of our favorite icebreakers: Ask team members to take a picture (through whatever means they like) of their shoes, then share those pictures in the meeting.

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Give everyone in the group a sheet and 5-7 minutes to find who goes in each blank.

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