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She added a playful caption on the shot reading: 'Got my Tomboy on football.I always played with the boys as a kid, even went to football camp'.In her private life, though, Margot was anything but virginal, and had a healthy appetite for sex, conducting her love life under the eye of her insouciant mother.She lost her virginity at 16 to a young man from the BBC; seduced the dancer Michael Somes; and had a long affair with composer Constant Lambert, who was married.

Many additional comments are included from Friends' Season 1 Supervising Producer Jeff Greenstein and Friends' Senior Script Editor Alexa Junge. Mary Theresa Tribbiani [3.11] Ron Leibman................... Leonard Green [2.22][3.07][8.08][10.13] Thomas Lennon................. Randall (Casino Dealer/Joey's Hand Twin) [5.23][5.24] Jay Leno......................himself [1.11] Ken Lerner.................... Indeed, Lambert and Margot were discovered in bed together, on tour, on the night the Germans invaded Holland in 1940. Completely natural,' said one of her lovers, reminiscing many years later.For a young dancer, pregnancy was a hazard and Margot had two abortions. But it was her relationship with Rudolf Nureyev, which electrified her career when she was already past the age most dancers retire, that so intrigued the world - and is now the focus of a new BBC4 drama called Margot, which is based on Meredith Daneman's riveting biography of Fonteyn.She’s just trying to grind it out and squat her way to the top of the big butt game, when Ramon starts crowding her in the squat rack.If it wasn’t bad enough that he’s trying to rush her sets, he starts to mansplain proper technique.

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Mandy isn’t having it and manages to silence him with a little bit of logic and a lesson in focus.

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